Solar protection for skylights

A quality covering and advanced technology in solar protection for skylights.

Operario aplicando Solarshield

Domes, skylights and glass ceilings, polycarbonate, methacrylate and other synthetic materials enable the entry of light yet also infrared radiations, generating excessive heat inside buildings and premises.

The "greenhouse effect" is characteristic of this type of enclosures and very difficult, sometimes impossible, to cool. The solar incidence, especially on inclined or horizontal planes, is very high.

In the more transparent skylights the sun rays can penetrate through the enclosure and cause disturbing reflections and glares in work or passage areas.

Solar-Shield Lux

Protection of skylights and all type of architectural glass elements.

Solar-Shield is a polymer lacquer, shiny, translucent, resistant to light and the elements, with a high reflection of infrared radiations. Suitable to be applied on glass, polycarbonate and other plastic materials that must be protected from the heat of the sun and the reflections caused by light.

Reflects 68% of solar radiations

Improves the comfort in the workstation

Reduces the decolouring of furniture

Reduces the cooling and heating expenses

Protects the support from premature ageing

Aesthetically recovers deteriorated synthetic surfaces

Prevents the deterioration of goods

Eliminates glares

Improves the overall visibility

Prevents excess heat