SolarcheckProtection against ultraviolet rays


They REDUCE and DELAY discoloration

-99,9% U.V.

They reject 99.9% of the UV rays preserving the furniture and valuables

SPF 285+

They protect from the harmful ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet Protection

Is it possible to avoid discolouration?

REDUCE and DELAY discolouration with Solarcheck films

Although the UV rays are invisible they cause harmful effects, not only to our skin, but also to fabrics, furniture, art objects, etc.

The Solarcheck films filter and reduce more than 99% of the ultraviolet radiation that penetrates through the glazing, and can also reduce up to 95% of the infrared sun rays.

By reducing the ultraviolet and infrared radiations we contribute to preserving the furniture and decoration, delaying and reducing the decolourising effects of the sun and its excess head.

They delay the discolouring effects of the sun

They preserve the furniture and goods exposed

Solarcheck films specific for shop windows

Invisible and imperceptible to the human eye once installed. They do not distort the vision of the articles exposed

Solar Protection Factor SPF 285+

The Solar Protection Factor (SPF) is the absorption measurement of the ultraviolet rays, and it indicates the maximum time we can be exposed to the sun rays without being at risk of getting burnt. The higher the index the more protection time provided (all references filter more than 99% of the UV rays).

What factors cause discolouration?

It is generally believed that the discolouration is only produced by the sun's ultraviolet rays and that by blocking these the problem is avoided, which is a widespread mistake.

As although UV rays are the main cause of discolouration, there are other agents with discolouring effects that can always be avoided.

The Solarcheck films reject more than 99% of the UV rays and up to 95% of infrared rays, enabling to extend the time of exposure of the articles.

Principales causantes de la decoloración