SolarcheckSolar Protection Films

Outstanding protections against excess heat and glares.

Heat Rejection

They reject up to 86% of the sun's radiation without compromising transparency


Almost imperceptible to the human eye once installed.

Energy saving

They improve the interior temperature and reduce energy consumption.

Solar Protection Films

They prevent excess heat and glares.

Glass and modern Architecture

The intensive use of glass in modern architecture has achieved filling buildings with natural light, although also causing excess heat, glares and the unenviable fading of furniture and material, that not even the most powerful technical windows can completely solve.

Application without Works

The Solarcheck® safety and solar protection adhesive films are applied WITHOUT WORKS or INCONVENIENCES on all types of glazing.

Heat reduction

Once installed by our professionals they provide an excellent solar protection as they reduce the entry of heat and reject up to 86% of the incident solar energy. They effectively reduce the hot points close to the windows providing an appreciated comfort to people and generating a notable saving in heating and cooling.

5% - 95%


Up to 86%




The outdoor versions installed on coloured or tinted glass, high absorbent, drastically reduce this energy absorption transforming the glass + film set into a highly efficient new product.

They enable a clear vision without distortions towards the outside, being the best energy saving product for glazing.

In summer, you will save a lot of energy in cooling and thus reduce the operational costs and in winter you will also be able to reduce especially with low-emission products the heat leaks towards the outside.

They provide an excellent solar protection.

They enable a clear vision without distortions towards the outside.

They provide a notable saving in cooling and heating.

They are applied without works or inconveniences on all type of glazing.

They reduce the entry of heat.

They reject up to 86% of the incident solar energy.

They provide great comfort.