SolarcheckEnergy Efficiency

Sustainable improvement of the energy efficiency


By the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE).

Energy saving

Considerably reduce the energy consumption in heating and cooling.


Enables adapting to the new environmental demands.

Energy Efficiency

Sustainable improvement of the energy efficiency.

They notably reduce the energy consumption and adapt to the new environmental requirements.

The Solarcheck films act as a protective shield once installed on building windows.

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They prevent heat excesses

They reduce glares

They reject the ultraviolet radiation

They provide great comfort in interior spaces

They provide a significant energy saving

The renovation of windows in buildings, with Solarcheck films enables reducing the energy consumption of the air-conditioning systems from day one and thus adapt to the new environmental requirements:


They maintain a controlled and stable temperature in the rooms.

Excess heat

They reduce the need to cool the excess heat that goes through the windows.


Allows for the air-conditioning units to have a less forced operation, more efficient and less costly.

The Solarcheck films are undoubtedly the most innovative, efficient and technologically most advanced system to thermally insulate any glass surface.

The solar protection films are an energy saving product recommended by the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) and by other public administration departments.

In 2010 Solar Gard Saint Gobain LLC became the 1st company in the world to achieve the Climate Declaration certification for a building renovation product. This procedure was achieved by means of certification ISO 14.025.