SolarcheckPrevention of Accidents

Available in safety + solar protection version.


They reduce the risk of injuries caused by glass splinters.


They prevent broken glass from falling, without leaving gaps open to the weather or vandalism.


Almost imperceptible to the human eye once installed.

Prevention of Accidents

They prevent damages caused by fragmentation.

They help to keep the glass fragments together in the case of breakage.

They reduce the threat that these represent and the emergency of the replacement.

The breakage of glass in any glazed area is always a risk. The fragments projected may cause serious injuries to people and objects that may be in the nearby area.

The combination of a Solarcheck safety film with the existing glass creates a new product that brings together the best properties of this and the exceptional properties of laminated polyester against an impact. The flexibility, elasticity and resistance of polyester confer the glass a performance against impact completely different that glass on its own, which is extraordinarily hard, yet fragile against impacts.

Imperceptible once installed, they prevent personal injuries derived from fragmentation in the case of accidental or intentional breakage They minimise the risk that these fragments of broken glass represent and reduce the emergency of their replacement as they do not leave gaps open to the weather or vandalism.

Governmental buildings, embassies, police stations and vehicles, hotels, banks, museums, schools, industrial premises, shops and houses around the world are protected with Solarcheck safety films for accident prevention.

Certain types of glass have good safety performances, although all of them, without exception, are vulnerable. They can break with a particular impact.

Solarcheck's safety films, manufactured in optical quality resistant polyester, have been tested and approved by the main certifying bodies, passing the strict human impact tests, hurricane, storms and shock wave simulations.

Optical quality polyester

PS safety adhesive

They reject 99% of UV rays

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Thickness between 100 and 350 microns

Approved according to GSA criteria

(North American public administration)

Standards EN12600 2(B)2 and 1(B)1 and EN356

Fireproof once installed (M1)