Decoration and Privacy

Creative solutions for interior designs...

A new world in the decoration of shelters, shop windows, interior partitions...

The DECOGARD® series contains a wide range of designs for the decoration of interior and exterior doors and windows.

These films allow interior designers, decorators and professionals from the sector to explore new design possibilities, enabling to decorate doors and windows in line with the furniture, walls, interior design or the corporate design.

The large variety of patterns from which to choose from enables putting an end to the monotony of partition walls providing privacy and design in offices, porches, restaurants, halls, bathrooms, etc. all of which without limiting the spaces' brightness.

A world of possibilities at your reach to decorate any transparent surface.

Diseños exclusivos y personalizados

Logos, specific designs, particular colours...

For those designs in which the corporate identity or the decoration project require the use of specific designs, particular colours or the inclusion of logos, we have high-quality cut vinyl, applicable on almost any surface.

With a cutting plotter and a specific software, we can reproduce with absolute fidelity any design, graph, logo, etc.