SolarcheckAntigraffiti films

The adhesive of the Graffitigard films, that does not leave a residue, guarantees the fast removal and reinstallation of the product.

Protect your properties from acts of vandalism and erosion

Glass doors, lifts, bus shelters, windows on buses, trains, in stations, shop windows, etc. Wherever necessary!

Antigraffiti films

Protect your glazed areas from acts of vandalism and erosion.

The professional installation of Graffitigard protection films on smooth surfaces constitutes an invisible high-resistance barrier against impacts and abrasion.

This film, which is unique in its kind, has been designed to protect glass, plastic surfaces, metal and other non-porous materials from wear and continuous erosion, as well as from graffiti and other acts of vandalism. The special adhesive of the Graffitigard films does not leave a residue, it guarantees a fast removal and reinstallation of the product when the damage takes place.

Professional products for the prevention of damages caused by wear and acts of vandalism.

The methods, products and tools used to make “graffiti”, “tags” or vandalise do not stop evolving and cause economic losses to shops, the administrations and public transport companies.

The aggressions are increasingly more damaging and difficult to remove as they are carried out not only on glass, but also on marble, plastic and metal materials...

Diagrama lámina graffitigard

Specific applications

Glass doors in high-traffic areas are extremely vulnerable to being scratched.

Graffitigard helps to prevent the costly situation of glass damaged due to erosion or scratches by jewellery, keys or any other object that may damage an exposed and unprotected glass surface. The mission of the Graffitigard films is to absorb the impact and damages caused by these erosions and acts of vandalism, maintaining the glass surface always intact and protected.

Acts of vandalism... under control!

Frequently the aggressors leave their indelible footprint by scratching walls and stainless steel doors, of a very high cost, with keys and other sharp objects, they spray the bus stop shelters, signs and information panels. The problem is already out of control.

Protection of any surface against graffiti

Solarcheck provides the widest array of anti-scratching products for the effective protection of numerous surfaces: Glazed, metal. synthetic or plastic. Smooth or rough, porous or non-porous materials.