Solarcheck has the largest range of products in the market for

solar protection, safety, efficiency y energy saving.

More than 2 million de m2 installed since 1986.

Solar Protection Film and energy efficiency for buildings.

The intelligent solution for solar protection, energy saving and for renewing your windows.

Solarcheck has the most extensive range of products in the market for:

  • Solar Protection
  • Safety
  • Energy efficiency and saving

By using a transparent material, it is possible to reflect the infrared radiations and return them to the outside before they are completely absorbed and turn into heat, considerably improving the energy efficiency  of buildings.

The Solarcheck solar protection and safety films reject up to 95% of the solar energy that causes heat, that is, they drastically reduce the heat gain through the glazing. According to the metals used in their composition we will obtain a product with different performance and aesthetic finish.

Solarcheck's safety films confer the glass the exceptional properties of laminated polyester in the case of impact: Flexibility, elasticity and resistance.

All our references are Manufactured in optical grade polyester, a highly clear and crystalline product.

Sustainable improvement of the energy efficiency.

They prevent excess heat and glares.

They reduce the risk of injuries caused by glass splinters.

They reduce and delay fading.

Protect your glazed areas from acts of vandalism.

Creative solutions for interior designs...

Product families

Efficient solar protection with modern aesthetics. They add an elegant and discrete silvery tone. Very good reduction of glares (according to versions). They provide a very pleasant interior warm lighting. Available in several tones.

Extraordinary solar protection performance. They confer a warm coppery colour to the glazing. Available in several tones. Unique with identical colour as the bronze reflective windows.

With an aluminium and silver alloy in their composition we obtain a product with an outstanding performance which has always proven to be in keeping with the expectations. Maximum reduction of the heat gain and drastic reduction of glazing (according to versions).

Fine metals such as titanium and silver endorse the performances of one of the most powerful and efficient product families of our range

From 50 up to 350 microns, we provide films that have passed the most strict North American and European testing standards (EN 356, EN 12600 and GSA .

They form a barrier against wear and the damages caused by vandalism or accidents, protecting the surface from scratches, acid marks, etc. Once deteriorated, its special removable adhesive enables an easy and fast replacement .

Privacy and design for interiors, ambient separation, partitions, etc. Customised designs .

Roller shutters and blinds for heat control, reflections and glares in glazed areas .


Without having to replace the existing windows.


Installed without works or inconveniences.


They reject up to 86% of the sun's radiation.


Quick payoff with a very favourable cost-profit ratio.


Carbon-negative product, helps to reduce the CO2 emissions (ISO 14.025 certified).


You will notice the difference from day one, improving the interior temperature and reducing the energy consumption.